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At TechLead our knowledge and expertise shines through – we have more than half a century behind us in providing top-notch IT solutions.


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When you grow, we grow – we foster lasting relationships with our clients to ensure that our IT support benefits your long-term goals.


Staying Ahead

Business technology changes fast, and your organization’s IT needs to be at the top of its game – we keep abreast of developments, opportunities and risks so you don’t have to.

Take advantage of our 50+ years of experience.

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TechLead has a combined technical support expertise totaling over 50 years, and our professional staff have been providing IT security and positive solutions to IT problems for more than two decades. This puts us in a unique position to assist you with every area of your IT requirements. We value long-term relationships with clients, and most of our customers have been with us for over 10 years – so you know we’re in it for the long haul.


Hosted Secure Backup

Hosted Secure Backup stores and protects all data including personal, business, and client data in a third-party location. Data is encrypted and placed in a secure back-up facility, guaranteeing easy access and security.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow global access to information through internet connection. Instead of depending on data storage to a hard drive, services, applications and data are stored within a “Cloud” which can be readily accessed online.

Security Services

One of the core assets to your business is security. TechLead provides a range of security services which proactively assess, dismantle and prevent threats from affecting your business.

Secure Email Services

One of the most prevalent communication platforms today is email. Its high speed, convenience and diverse selection of service providers makes it a highly beneficial communication tool.

Managed Services

TechLead provides 24/7 IT services from a third party server. Data consolidation, technical optimization and network security can be maintained from our secure server facility.

Hosted Solutions

Staying ahead of technology is one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your business. New opportunities are constantly arising which can help generate clients, expand networking and communication and enhance the productivity of your work environment.


As technology advances and changes, so does business structure. This allows the outreach and connection of businesses from a single location to a community, country, or global presence depending on your goals.


Networking is a basic and integral facet of business structure. Daily use of email, data, and applications has both small and large scale implications. It is beneficial to businesses of every kind to invest in tailored, high quality networking and skillful installation.

Onsite Assistance

TechLead loves working with the local community. Serving commercial, local, and individual businesses and entrepreneurs through out the San Antonio area is our passion.


TechLead works with clients through every step of the cabling process from beginning to end. Tailored specifically for your business, we are able to combine wired and wireless cabling to maximize the effectiveness and connectivity of your residential and business goals.

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