TechLead works with clients through every step of the cabling process from beginning to end. Tailored specifically for your business, we are able to combine wired and wireless cabling to maximize the effectiveness and connectivity of your residential and business goals.


Wired networking encompasses a range of modules. Some examples include phone lines, videos, and routers. Hardware including laptops, PCs, mobile devices etc, are combined, creating a single, shared network among multiple devices via routers and the ethernet. Cables are typically comprised of copper, twisted repair and fiber optic wiring. Larger networks may require multiple routers for ideal networking.


Wireless networking involves a medium operating on radio frequency rather than cabling. This often includes mobile devices including mobile devices, laptops, satellite receivers and TV remotes.

TechLead works with both mediums, and is able to combine these systems for ideal network expansion and cabling benefits. Whether you are in the process of beginning your business, relocating, or revitalizing your network strategy, TechLead is able to make the process simple and fast, with long lasting results.


While many business models rely on the individual benefits of either wired or wireless connectivity, TechLeads innovates the field by incorporating both into your model. We work with our clients to identify the ideal structure for their goals, and then combine the benefits of both models into your IT network. This allows you to operate at maximum efficiency through multiple mediums. Email, desktops, cell phones, cameras and video will work in tandem for .your purposes. Upon integration, TechLead offers continued maintenance and system upgrading. This can be accomplished continually through our remote location services. Along with connectivity throughout your business networking, you will be able to work succinctly with external businesses, partners, and clients. We are able to connect any type of device into your network model, guaranteeing optimal communication via email, cell phones, data exchange etc.


  • Integration of wired and/or wireless networking throughout your domain
  • Interactive, informative implementation and service
  • Remote, behind the scenes maintenance, upgrading and protection, allowing us to optimize your systems without disrupting your schedule
  • Connectivity through every medium and device type within your business, allowing you to focus on your short and long term goals instead of peripheral disruptions
  • High Impact networking solutions which allow internal and external connectivity and expansion
  • Fast, friendly, collaboration between your business and us. Tell us your goals, and we’ll do our part to help  you achieve them.

TechLead offers continued maintenance and upgrading of every system we handle and install, assuring the continued outreach for your personal, local, or commercial business.