Hosted Secure Backup
hosted secure backup

Hosted Secure Backup stores and protects all data including online information systems, business, and client data in a third-party location. Data is encrypted and placed in a secure back-up facility, guaranteeing easy access and safety.

With the use of cloud coverage, your data is globally available to you. Access is exclusive to our client, and can be monitored at any time and location.  We provide adaptive formatting and can manage every variation of data necessary to the success of your business network.

Most critical is the safeguarding of your data from possible threats. Crises including hackers, crashes, malware and viruses are potentially devastating to a business, however Hosted Secure Backup guarantees your data will be protected and accessible for immediate recovery. This absolves many personal, fiscal and legal disputations to your  local business or company.

We enjoy partnering with you in this process. Our approach is friendly, comprehensive and highly experienced in this field. We want our clients and their businesses to be protected and informed for the realization of their company’s present and future potential.