Hosted Solutions
hosted solutions

Staying ahead of technology is one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your business. New opportunities are constantly arising which can help generate clients, expand networking and communication and enhance the productivity of your work environment. TechLead provides services to help you identify and implement the ideal technology for both your business and emerging technological opportunities. Our services include:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Protect all email communication networks
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint: Optimize collaboration and shared project applications between internal and external associates
  • Tailored Application Hosting: Established and Idealized systems specific to your business style, design and goals
  • Hosted Inuit QuickBooks: Simple and direct organization of your business finances and accounting
  • Evaluating your business and the market to determine which systems and applications would ideally suit your business model and infrastructure
  • Constant monitoring and maintenance, optimizing application performance and eliminating disruptive freezes and breakdowns
  • Proactive identification of possible threats such as viruses, worms, and malfunctions, allowing for early prevention
  • Continuous technology adaptation and upgrading, keeping you ahead of the market
  • Cost effective services and applications which allow you to distribute your budget among a wider variety of avenues and assets
  • Effective, open communication between our IT team and your staff, cultivating a mutually rewarding relationship between us and our clients

We enjoy interacting with clients for a shared goal of efficiency, ease and positive outcomes. We have worked through out the San Antonio market for over 50 years and are excited to continue cultivating relationships which help local, commercial and personal businesses succeed through out the San Antonio market place.