Managed IT Services

Internet Setup & Connections, Firewall, Server

managed IT services

In today’s market, businesses thrive on online services including data monitoring, customer service programs, email, protected credit applications, health information systems and mobile internet access. Internet Connection is a key component of any business’s success. TechLead offers fast and effective Internet Setup to get your business running and ready to compete. Additionally, we provide on site and remote Managed IT Services, firewall protection and remote server maintenance and backup.


Our team of Network Engineers offers over 50 years of combined experience in the field. This allows us to understand the dynamic, ever changing environment of IT, as well as apply the latest advancements into your business network. Previously, several businesses relied on a “don’t fix it unless it’s broken” approach to IT. However, this tactic is neither expedient or cost effective, as a network breakdown results in lost time, productivity, revenue and credibility, in addition to IT repair costs. Managed IT Services offer prevention and constant maintenance, preventing network breakdowns, cyber threats and viruses from negatively impacting your business.


In addition, our services are multidimensional and ongoing. We offer a partnership and value establishing a trusted dynamic with our clients over time. Upon setting up your business internet network, we will provide off site firewall protection, constantly monitor, maintain and upgrade your systems and design a fast network able to accommodate all hardware, mobile device access and applications without disruption.


TechLead runs servers to backup all data, monitor online activity and run systems such as email, identity/login servers, file transfer client programs and cloud programs. Investing in Managed IT, internet setup and firewall protection will benefit your businesses finances, security and productivity now and in the future.