Networking is a valuable asset to modern commerce and interaction. Daily use of email, data and applications has both small and large scale implications. It is beneficial to businesses of every kind to invest in tailored, high quality networking and skillful installation. The professional team at TechLead applies over 50 years of experience to help integrate proven, high impact networking solutions specific to your commercial, local and personal business goals. We work in tandem with customers to establish the ideal networking system, providing fast installation and protection for your IT network.

Upon establishing the ideal networking structure for you or your local or commercial business, TechLead works quickly and interactively with our clients to implement designs unique to you and your business. Services include:

Workstation and server installation

Cabling options optimized for your needs. Our team of professionals can install wired and wireless networks, and integrate them seamlessly based on your business design.

Remote, third-party data consolidation, application upgrading and security

Multi site Virtual Private Network services which allow access and collaboration of private data across public networks. Information access is limited to select individuals based on client needs with the benefit of fast, public network utilization.