Secure Email Services
Secure Email Services

One of the most prevalent communication platforms today is email. Its high speed, convenience, and variety of service providers make it a highly beneficial communication tool. There are liabilities within all email networks, however, including spam, viruses, malware, and security threats. TechLead offers high impact solutions to these threats through our secure email services.


TechLead is experienced in removing threats from your email software as well as streamlining and optimizing email applications for ideal performance. Upon meeting with one of our highly experienced technicians, you will receive benefits including:

  • Email Security: Prevent hackers, viruses etc from accessing and corrupting valuable data within your email systems and accounts without compromising efficiency.
  • Advanced Email Options: Upgrade current IT systems for increased speed, archiving options, email features, and system applications.
  • Improve Work Processes: Server streamlining, data consolidation, and preemptive junk/spam identification and discarding, preventing slower speed and workplace disruption
  • System Unity: Fast and intuitive inbox organization and indexing, tailored to individual preferences.


TechLead installs and had extensive experience with providing encrypted and secure email services to businesses requiring the highest level of security.  Call today to inquire about ZEXENCRYPT and ZIXPROTECT and how TechLead will install these services for your business.