Security AuditsCompliance Specialists–PCI-HIPAA

Protected Health Information (PHI), is the most highly targeted data among hackers today. Patient information including demographics, insurance, and health related material is among the data stored within PHI. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) generated system guidelines which must be adhered to by every business providing patient care and research. Online forms, data applications and patient charts must adhere to compliant systems in place to legally conduct business. Expenditures resulting from system breaches include legal liability, hurt credibility and financial losses.

In addition to patient’s health information is PCI, or Payment Card Industry data. Often these systems work in tandem with health care data networks. Online payment systems allow patients to address medical bills, requiring sensitive credit card information to be provided. This information is frequently stored within health care IT networks as well, making it an additional target of cyber threats.  PCI is also relevant to any business wishing to implement e-commerce and online payment into their services. PCI compliance protects your business and patients through cyber security implementation.

Our team of network engineers is highly experienced in every aspect of PHI and HIPAA compliance. We install networking which will protect your business from all cyber liabilities and prevent legal and fiscal disruptions. We make the process simple, fast, and effective. We cover every facet of the process through comprehensive management and up to date applications of every system within your IT network. One vulnerability within your system may indicate additional liabilities, which is why we proactively walk step by step though your entire network, implementing fast acting, effective software so you and your clients are continually protected.