Fiber Internet

Fast, reliable networking, data access and cyber communication is a paramount facet to any business. Cabling is the highway by which every data module is transmitted through out your IT  network. Traditional cabling consists of copper wiring, however recent advancements have produced fiber optic options. In contrast to metal wiring, fiber internet consists of glass or plastic fibers which transmit messages modulated onto light waves known as photons. These pulse through the fiber optic cable, which is comprised of a glass fiber core protected by cladding. As light is refracted in a zig-zag pattern through the cable, it produces total internal reflection. This process is approximately 30% slower than the speed of light. Sometimes, to boost or renew the signal, repeaters must be used within the fiber optics which convert the signal to an electrical signal, later re-transmitting it back to an optical signal. There are two primary types of fiber optic cable: Single mode fiber, which contains a smaller diameter and is ideal for long distances without reduction, and multimode fiber, which is used for shorter distances due to its larger diameter. The advantages of fiber optics wiring include:


  • Digital data transmitting, producing faster speeds and increased reliability
  • Larger volumes of data exchange due to increased bandwidth capability
  • Decreased vulnerability to interference and network disruption
  • Compact, lightweight and water resistant design which requires less maintenance than traditional wiring
  • Versatile performance-Due to its streamlined design and resistance to electromagnetic waves, fiber optic wiring is frequently used in medical equipment such as MRI machines and surgical laparoscopic devices


TechLead offers several years of experience and skill installing and implementing cutting edge, high performance fiber internet optic cabling to your network. While it is more expensive than alternative wiring options, it offers elevated performance with lower maintenance and repair costs, while simultaneously providing versatile environment and usage capabilities. TechLead proudly offers friendly, reliable and ongoing service to all our clients, and we are pleased to provide knowledge and support to our native San Antonio and its local business environment.