IT Security, Backup and Recovery

It’s not a matter of If it will happen, It’s a matter of When


IT disasters manifest in several ways and have multiple avenues of prevention and recovery. Effective IT security and recovery of protected information systems such as HIPAA, forms and documents, photographs and video files, credit card information, passwords etc. are included in our expertise. Virus and malware corruption, hackers and system failures are among the numerous threats we effectually prevent. We specialize in proactive IT counter measures to keep these threats from becoming problematic to your business. Our ultimate goal is that you will be able to focus your attention on your business’s success and future without any IT disruptions. With this in mind, there remains the fact that disasters do occur, robbing you of time, money and credibility. The second layer of our goals is to recover your data, network and security promptly and with improved security applications in place.

We are professionals at identifying precisely what your business or personal network would benefit from most in terms of network security, fast installation, and if necessary, full recovery of data and network integrity so you can return to business without present or future losses. One security breach can cost thousands of dollars and damage the trust of your clients. At TechLead, we prioritize fast, high impact solutions to keep disruptions from effecting your network. We offer on site recovery, however can manage, prevent and address cyber threats from a remote location. Our approach is highly communicative. A member of our professional team is always available to speak with you and offer immediate solutions and recovery strategies so you or your business can experience lasting benefits.