Security Consultations & Systems

Security Consultations & Systems

If you’ve ever wondered what the effective security options may be for your personal or business network,  you may benefit from a security consultation. TechLead’s team of network engineers and expert technology consultants provide years of experience in tandem with cutting edge technology, applying proven and high yielding solutions to your network security. Our team of skilled professionals makes it their mission to walk with you through the ideal systems and applications for your network security. Our goal is to prevent hackers, viruses, system crashes, and cyber threats from ever affecting your IT network. We provide insight, knowledgeability and experience to every facet of IT network security for the benefit of our clients and their businesses.

Every member of our team specializes in problem solving and solution implementation, and will walk with you through the process from start to finish.

During a consultation, one of our Network Engineers will meet with you to discuss:


  • Potential threats including malware, password protection, network vulnerabilities etc
  • System and application technology which can be proactively applied to protect your network
  • Ideal solutions based on your network size, cabling, etc
  • Application upgrading and remote monitoring as well as 24/7/365 protection
  • Any possible training and implementation necessary to make your network impervious to internal and external cyber threats
  • The latest IT systems and how they fit into your business infrastructure and network including email, mobile devices and hardware


We consider the trust of our clients and their IT environment one of the greatest privileges of our business. Our team of specialists welcomes interactive problem solving with clients to establish the unique goals and signature of every individual and business we encounter. TechLead has served the San Antonio region for over 50 years and proudly promotes the welfare and security of local and commercially owned businesses and entrepreneurs through out the native market.