Bill Boyle

Bill Boyle’s first exposure to electronic training began during his service in the US Army in the early 70’s. Upon discharge, Bill went on to pursue his degree in electronics. After graduation, he gained valuable experience working on IBM mid-Range computer systems and peripherals. In addition, Bill pursued training on IBM and Compaq personal computers during their initial introduction in the early 80’s.

In 1986 Bill Boyle moved from Seattle to San Antonio to begin working for Interlogic Trace., where he gained paramount skills and expertise repairing and updating numerous personal computers and devices. Bill eventually received his degree as a Novell certified Engineer, in addition to Microsoft training on Peer to Peer networks.  In 1993 Bill founded his own business, based on the principal of providing every customer with the individual attention and service they require. Today, Bill still believes in trying to give each customer the care that they don’t receive from larger companies.


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