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Security is one of the greatest assets which can be applied to your business. Online forms are a primary way in which clients provide health history, demographic, and credit card information to their providers. This information is often targeted by online piracy and cyber threats. This has serious implications for any business attempting to adhere to HIPAA protocols. Fiscal and legal protection is integral to online form security. TechLead is well equipped to implement every aspect of online form security using two primary avenues for the integrity and protection of online communications and data exchange.

The first avenue is referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This protection layer is set up using a port connected to the server, and designed to establish a safe connection and authentication before conducting any data access or exchange between client and provider.

Secondly is the TLS (approach). This is currently in the more favored application of online form security. It requires an “implicit” or insecure connection, triggering special commands to commence data encryption.

TechLead approaches each client’s secure form requirements with layered protection protocols, HIPAA compliance and server security in mind. We endeavor to provide total data security, integrity, and exchange for our clients and their customers. With over 50 years of experience, the professionals at our business are both highly trained and well aware of the advancements in online browser and server security. We are able to implement fast, reliable, and protocol observant applications into the framework of your business IT network without disruption to your schedule or functionality. We endeavor to protect vulnerable information including social security numbers, personal and health related information and patient demographics, in addition to the reputation and business integrity of the client.